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Activates / Camels

Our camel program is much like that of the horses with daily ‘satellite’ tours from our base. Of course “the Weekend in the Wadi – Camels” – (overnight in Wadi Rum) and lastly a four day trek around Rum, included with a trip to Petra as part of the itinerary.

Once again we ride for around two to two and a half hours morning and afternoon split between the lunch stop – over which is carefully chosen to take in the best parts of rum. The camels are separately ground tethered at these stop over and the evening camp site. Clients are encouraged to help out where they can with their feeding and care.

Don’t forget we can ‘ mix and match’ – horses and camels; camels and walking and so on.

We will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have – for full details and pricing….. [email protected] : also check out our “general information” on this web site for background to all of our trips.

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